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Chord Permission to Dance - BTS, Kunci Gitar dan Lirik Lagu yang Mudah Dimainkan dari E

Inilah chord kunci gitar dan lirik lagu Permission to Dance dari BTS yang mudah dimainkan.

Penampilan BTS dalam video musik Permission to Dance. 

Inilah chord kunci gitar dan lirik lagu Permission to Dance

Penyanyi: BTS

[Verse 1]
E           B               C#m
It's the thought of being young
B                                             A
When your heart's just like a drum
G#m                               A              B
Beating louder with no way to guard it
E                 B              C#m
When it all seems like it's wrong
B                                          A
Just sing along to Elton John
G#m                            A             B
And to that feeling, we're just getting started

C#m                           G#
When the nights get colder
A                                                B
And the rhythms got you falling behind
C#m                                G#
Just dream about that moment
A                                               B
When you look yourself right in the eye, eye, eye

Then you say

E            B
I wanna dance
C#m                         B
The music's got me going
A           G#m               A                     B
Ain't nothing that can stop how we move, yeah
E                       B
Let's break our plans
       C#m                            B
And live just like we're golden
        A              G#m             A         B
And roll in like we're dancing fools

C#m                     G#
We don't need to worry
A                                                        B
'Cause when we fall, we know how to land
                        E          B           C#m        B    A
Don't need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight
             G#m                       A            E
'Cause we don't need permission to dance

[Verse 2]
E                            B                C#m                B
There's always something that's standing in the way
                  A                      G#m
But if you don't let it phase ya
               A                      B
You'll know just how to break
                        E             B
Just keep the right vibe, yeah
C#m                                B
'Cause there's no looking back
                   A              G#m
There ain't no one to prove
               A                 B
We don't got this on lock (Yeah)

C#m           G#
The wait is over
        A                                    B
The time is now so let's do it right, mm (Yeah)
C#m                   G#
Yeah we'll keep going
                A                                B
And stay up until we see the sunrise

And we'll say (Yeah)



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