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Lirik Lagu Don't Touch Me, Marion Jola, Danilla, dan Ramengvrl Suarakan Perempuan Berdaya

Inilah lirik lagu Don't Touch Me, kolaborasi Marion Jola, Danilla, dan Ramengvrl, suarakan pemberdayaan perempuan.

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Danilla, Marion Jola, dan Ramengvrl. 

(I don’t think it’s fair, man) I don’t think it’s fair, man
(For all of us woman) No no no no no
(I don’t think it’s fair, man) I don’t think it’s fair, man
(For all of us woman) No no no no no

B*tch suck on my d*ck (yuh)
My dinner is your head cut to a plate (yuh)
I want the cake I don’t want the split
Ain’t sign no deals while I’m getting lit
Leave that to tobi shout out my money

F*ck all the fame I just want my money
Now I got the money now I want the equity
Lotta these old heads they mad now they quittin’
I’m getting the bad in silence they hatin’
Apology not meant to be rude
These boys be noisy I’m finnna hit snooze
These boys be mad coz they think I’m too vulgar
Boy, u a loser!

I’m just fine in my room I’m havin’ a ball
Coz my money’s long 20 meters tall
On yakuza sh*t let’s have a brawl
And all of my girls lookin’ like a doll

Ok b*tch I get it it’s my life I get it
Please go on with your bullsh*t
I know you were lyin’
But it ain’t feel right, it ain’t alright
Ima bring my girls we gon have a fight
I was meant to love me

Do you know that I don’t care
Don’t you feel ashamed?
Well keep talking I don’t give a f*ck

If you hate me, shoot the bullet
If you really love me, prove it
You know, you know
You know, it isn’t fair, man
I don’t think it’s fair, man

For all of us woman

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