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Download MP3 If There's Nothing Left - NIKI, Beserta Lirik Lagu, Unduh di Sini!

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Niki Zevanya kembali merilis lagu terbaru berjudul If There's Nothing Left.

If There's Nothing Left menjadi salah satu lagu di albumnya yang bertajuk Moonchild.

Video klip lagu tersebut diunggah di kanal YouTube 88rising pada 18 September 2020.

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Lirik lagu If There's Nothing Left - NIKI

If there’s nothing left,
if there’s nothing left, I have you
If there’s nothing left,
if there’s nothing left, you have me too, oh

And screams will turn to whispers over time
That’s alright, that’s fine with me
coz I’ll still have all of your smile,
I couldn’t care less bout the silence
If there’s nothing, I got fight left in me

When splendor turns to shame
When they erase our names
God knows that one thing remains...
Oh, and they say,
“No man is an island,
There’s shipwrecks and sirens”
But you’re my, you’re my horizon, so

Hold your breath and hold on for dear love
(dear love, dear love, dear love)
Blue and black all over but you know we’re gold

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