Ibunda Mike Lewis Meninggal Dunia, Tamara Bleszynski Ucapkan Bela Sungkawa dan Rasa Sayangnya

Ibunda Mike Lewis, Wendy Lewis meninggal dunia. Tamara Bleszynski ikut berduka dan ungkapkan rasa sayangnya untuk mantan mertua.

Ibunda Mike Lewis Meninggal Dunia, Tamara Bleszynski Ucapkan Bela Sungkawa dan Rasa Sayangnya
Keluarga Mike Lewis 

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM - Kabar duka datang dari keluarga aktor ganteng satu ini.

Ibunda Mike Lewis, Wendy Lewis, meninggal dunia.

Mike tampak mengunggah foto bersama sang ibu pada Selasa (17/04/2018) kemarin.

Dalam postingan tersebut, Mike mengungkapkan perasaannya ditinggal sang mama untuk selamanya.


"A couple days ago my family was devastated by the loss of my mother whom had been courageously battling cancer for almost a year.
I am finding it incredibly difficult to use the words “was” in speaking about my Mom. Perhaps this is because I feel that what she IS still lives inside me, what she IS still lives inside my son, what she IS I hope forever lives on inside everyone that felt the wonder that is the light of Wendy Lewis. Up until the final hours of her physical presence in our known world she still had that contagious smile on her face, that magical laugh, that .. glow.
Ok, for the first time, I will try..
She embodied something to me that was more than spirit, more than human, more than words can really describe - if I had to use a word, she is what I feel is "HOME." My sister and I grew up all over the world, over half a dozen countries, but my Mom always made wherever we were feel like home. Whether it be with her mastery of cuisine, her taste in cultured interior decor, or just that eternal chuckle she always brought with her - she made us feel like we belonged no matter how strange the place or situation. She taught me so many things, perseverance, integrity, cooking, chivalry, fashion, but mostly how to treat others and the way to live with a smile on your face and a jump in your step. Every time we moved, which was every 3 or 4 years, I never lost my best friend because it was her the whole time - she was always with me. Willing to participate in all aspects of my life whether it be achieving greatness in martial arts or watching really bad movies on Netflix, we always did it with a warmth in our hearts; together.
I am a loss without my HOME.

But I know that wherever she is, she is lighting up the place with her grace, her iconic style and making everyone and everything feel like "HOME"."

Tengah Berduka, Mike Lewis Kehilangan Sosok Berarti Bagi Dirinya, Hidupnya Hancur!

Kabar meninggalnya ibunda Mike Lewis ini juga disampaikan oleh Tamara Bleszynski lewat unggahannya.

Lewat akun Instagram @tamarableszynskiofficial, mantan istri Mike ini mengunggah foto kebersamaannya dengan Wendy.

Tamara mengaku sangat kehilangan sosok mantan mertuanya tersebut.

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