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Chord Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish, Lirik Lagu dan Kunci Gitar yang Mudah Dimainkan Pemula

Inilah chord Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish, kunci belajar gitar yang mudah dimainkan bagi pemula, dari kunci dasar.

Inilah chord kunci gitar dan lirik lagu 'Happier Than Ever'

Penyanyi: Billie Eilish


N.C.           C
When I’m away from you
I’m happier than ever
Wish I could explain it better
                        Dm    G
I wish it wasn’t true, mmm

[Verse 1]
Give me a day or two
To think of something clever
To write myself a letter
                            Dm  G
To tell me what to do, mm-mm
Do you read my interviews?
Or do you skip my avenue?
When you said you were passin’ through
Was I even on your way?
I knew when I asked you to (When I asked you to)
Be cool about what I was tellin’ you
You’d do the opposite of what you said you’d do (What you said you’d do)
And I’d end up more afraid
Don’t say it isn’t fair
                                                       Am                            D
You clearly weren’t aware that you made me miserable, ooh
                 Dm                G
So if you really wanna know

When I’m away from you (When I’m away from you)
I’m happier than ever (I’m happier than ever)
Wish I could explain it better (Wish I could explain it better)
                        Dm         G
I wish it wasn’t true, mmm

[Verse 2]
C                        E                            Am
You called me again, drunk in your Benz
                          F              Fm
Drivin’ home under the influence
C                           E                                     Am
You scared me to death but I’m wastin’ my breath
                            F                   Fm
‘Cause you only listen to your fuckin’ friends
C                          E
I don’t relate to you
Am                             F
I don’t relate to you, no
                           C                      E
‘Cause I’d never treat me this shitty
                      Am              F
You made me hate this city

                          C                                  E
And I don’t talk shit about you on the internet
                    Am                     F
Never told anyone anything bad
                                  C                                     E
‘Cause that shit’s embarrassing, you were my everything
                           Am                                   F
And all that you did was make me fuckin’ sad
       C                                           E
So don’t waste the time I don’t have
        Am                                     F
And don’t try to make me feel bad
                                C                                      E
I could talk about every time that you showed up on time

                        Am                                       F
But I’d have an empty line ‘cause you never did
                           C                                  E
Never paid any mind to my mother or friends, so I
                     Am                                    F
Shut them all out for you ‘cause I was a kid

C                                    E
You ruined everything good
              Am                                  F
Always said you were misunderstood
C                                         E
Made all my moments your own
Am                              F
Just fuckin’ leave me alone

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