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Chord Speed of Sound - Coldplay, Kunci Gitar dan Lirik Lagu yang Mudah Dimainkan

Inilah chord kunci gitar dan lirik lagu Speed of Sound - Coldplay yang mudah dimainkan.

Inilah chord kunci gitar dan lirik lagu Speed of Sound

Penyanyi: Coldplay

A Em D A Em D

        A                        Em
how long before I get in
before it starts, before I begin
        A                          Em
how long before you decide
before I know what it feels like
           A                        Em
where to, where do I go
if you never tried then you'll never know
        A                               Em
how long do I have to climb
up on this side of this mountain of mine

A Em D A Em D

        A                           Em
look up, I look up at night
planets are moving at the speed of light
          A                      Em
come up, up in the trees
every chance that you get is a chance you seize
        A                        Em
how long am I gonna stand
with my head stuck under the sand
     A                            Em
I'll start before I can stop
or before I see things the right way up

G            A                          Bm
  all that noise, all that sound
G                 A                      Bm
  all those places that i got found

       G                               Bm
and birds go flying at the speed of sound
    D                          G
to show how it all began
G                                        Bm
birds come flying from the underground
                   F#m                                     G
if you could see it then you'd understand

A Em D A Em D

   A                                Em
ideas that you'll never find
all the inventors could never design
      A                                   Em
the buildings that you put up
Japan and China all lit up
       A                               Em
the sign that I couldn't read
all the light that I couldn't see
         A                                     Em
somethings you have to believe
but others are puzzles, puzzling me

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