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Viral #JusticeForAudrey, Deretan Selebgram & YouTuber Tergerak Dukung Hingga Terbang ke Pontianak

Deretan selebgram dan YouTuber tergerak dukung Audrey, korban perundungan 12 siswi SMA. Beri dukungan hingga rela terbang ke Pontianak.

Bagi korban bully, kamu butuh beberapa waktu untuk bangkit. Wajar. Dunia luas menerima kebangkitanmu lagi.

Do something, buktiin kamu jauh lebih KEREN dari pelaku bully (emoji)

Ricis dukung Audrey
Ricis dukung Audrey (Instagram/ riaricis1795)

Ancaman Serius Hotman Paris untuk Pelaku Pengroyokan #JusticeForAudrey: Hukum Pasti Mengadilimu!

5. Salmafina

Salmafina tidak ketinggalan bersuara mengenai kasus Audrey ini.

Salmafina turut bersimpati dan mendesak keadilan untuk Audrey.

Assuming that all of the news is factual, personally I think the solution given by the KPPAD is unjust.

I understand that peace is what we all strive for, but that is definitely not the case here.
The victim deserves to be treated with justice and objectivity, and wanting peace is not it.
Even though the perpetrators are juveniles, the law still stands. What KPPAD needs to prioritise now is not about how to better the future of these perpetrators, but justice actually being served.

They were definitely aware of the crimes they committed, as well as the consequences.

They are capable of abuse and sexual battery, at this age. I can only imagine the things they will be capable of once they get older.

On top of it all, they don’t seem to display any amount of remorse at all, which is a lot scarier.

Either there is something wrong with them mentally, or they think they have some sort of immunity to protect them, both of which need a better solution than just peace.

So no, peace is not the solution.

They are criminals, and proper punishment should be served. She deserves justice, and closure. #justiceforaudrey #istandwithaudrey

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