Makin Mesra, Marshanda Unggah Foto Bareng Erico Mihardja dengan Caption Romantis!

Minggu (30/9/2018), Mashanda mengunggah foto mesra dirinya bersama Erico Miharja di akun Instagram. Pasangan ini diketahui mulai dekat di akhir 2017.

Makin Mesra, Marshanda Unggah Foto Bareng Erico Mihardja dengan Caption Romantis!
Instagram @marshanda99
Marshanda dan Erico Mihardja 

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM - Hubungan Marshanda dengan Erico Mihardja nampaknya semakin lengket.

Pasca putus dari Egi Jhon, perempuan yang akrab dipanggil Chacha ini memang nampak lebih selektif.

Pemeran Yuni dalam sinetron 'Orang Ketiga' tersebut terlihat lebih memilih fokus dalam berkarir.

Ia juga memprioristas untuk menemani perkembangan sang anak, Sienna meski tak tinggal bersama.

Meski demikian, ternyata sosok Erico Miharja sukses bikin Chacha jatuh hati.

Pria lulusan University of South Florida ini mulai dekat dengan Chacha sejak akhir tahun 2017.

Minggu, (30/9/2018), Chacha mengunggah foto mesra keduanya di akun Instagram.

Pasangan ini terlihat sedang berada di pantai.

Keduanya nampak bahagia dan kompak mengenakan kaca mata.

Selain itu, Chacaha juga menuliskan caption romantis untuk Erico.

Instagram @marshanda
Instagram @marshanda99 ()

"Why would a relationship mean settling down? Be with someone who wont let life escape you. Who will challenge you and drive you towards your dreams. Someone spontaneous you can get lost in the world with. A relationship with the right person is a gift, not a restriction.
Thank you for loving me in such a way that makes me feel free. Thank you for being genuinely happy seeing me happy.
Not only you understand the concept of freewill, you support me in practicing my freewill.
And for you, I am always enough. And you appreciate every little things that make me, me. You love me deeply while encouraging me to do things that makes me grow and be happy. You dont feel insecure seeing my confidence, radiating happiness, and success. You are a whole man on your own.
And all that you want is for me to shine, to remember my greatness, and to be by my side receiving my love and giving me true love.
I remember the time when I decided to stop looking for anything that would make me feel less about myself. And I’d dream about having this kind of relationship. When I ask for someone like you I didn’t ask for perfection. I asked for a healthy amazing relationship that inspires both of us to grow and express ourselves authentically and unapologetically.
Maya Angelou says, “Ask for what you want, and be prepared to get it.” And now I have manifested my desire and I have you. I have us.
Thank you for being you. Thank you for what we have. Thank you for the kind of love that genuinely encourages both of us to love life and love ourselves. Thank you, Universe." bunyi caption yang ditulis Chacha.

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